Web Hosting/Domain Names

Kiwiwebs understands that your website is critical to your business. If your website goes down, you lose revenue. If your site performs too slowly, customers will go somewhere else.

Quality hosting is as essential as a quality website

Kiwiwebs knows what a server needs to do and we source the perfect hosting arrangement to meet your needs. Due to the large number of hosting options and the rapidly changing technology, we have deliberately chosen to no longer own our own servers in favour of sourcing hosting to meet each clients need. On all our hosting we ensure that the companies provide top level hosting services and that they offer quality control panel access and customer support.

Kiwiwebs can also arrange any domain name that you need. We work with two of New Zealand's largest domain companies.

Choosing the right domain name is essential

A website address may also be referred to as domain name, internet address, internet name or even an “online brand”. Ideally your prime web address will reflect your businesses name, trading name or product. Is it easy to spell?

If you have an unusually spelt business name, it may be wise to register common misspellings of your name as well and simply redirect the traffic to your main website address - “quantas.co.nz” or “qantas.co.nz”, “vodaphone.co.nz” or “vodafone.co.nz”?Is it easily differentiated from similar business/product names?

If your business or product name is very similar to another organization you need to choose a website address that won’t confuse your customers. If you do not have a well known brand or product then a “generic” address may be the best choice for you eg. “auckland-plumbing.co.nz” How will your customers most likely try to find you?

In many cases your customers may know your products or a nick-name better than your business name so that may be a better choice. (would you guess “amex.co.nz” or “americanexpress.co.nz”?)

All quoted prices are exclusive of GST or other taxes that may be payable in the country of origin.