Why Kiwiwebs

Kiwiwebs has proven experience in both new media and traditional publication fields. Our staff include quality professional designers and coders, as well as top quality customer support members. We also work with other industry leaders to ensure a we can provide a total one-stop service that meets your entire marketing and branding needs.

Professional Graphic Design

We design new sites in Photoshop before any coding begins. This allows you to have a strong input and clear understanding into the look and feel of your new site before the expense of coding begins. By spending time refining the design we can ensure that the look and feel best represents you and the message you want to portray.

Quality Web Design & Coding

Whether we are building your site for a windows platform or a linux platform, then we have the expertise to ensure your site is optimised for the appropriate recognised code standards. We also ensure plan for speed of page loading, search engine performance and that the look and feel is functional. We also ensure your site uses the correct responsive technology to maximise its usage across all devices.

Support and Training

Our team are available to provide the support you need at every step of the way. We can resolve issues and add new features promptly and efficiently. We work one on one with you to provide our services to the best level possible.

One Stop Solution

Kiwiwebs provides a full range of services to meet the marketing needs of any organisation. Using our own team, as well as other recognised experts in their fields we can ensure you spend less time trying to coordinate different companies and more time focusing on getting the message right!